Gemma Owen - Woodwind & Piano Teacher



"What's your favourite instrument?"
Its hard to decide I love them all, every instrument is different but I always feel clarinet is my true love as I started this first.

"Have you ever played for famous people?"
Jane McDonald and Evlyn Glenny.

"What age did you start playing and on what instrument?"
I started the clarinet at age 6 and I loved it from the start, I went onto the Violin next aged 8 having lessons at school, I was in a small group at school, I regrettably gave this up after getting to grade 4 as the teacher changed, this is why I feel it is very important a teacher encourages their students and keeps up their interest.  My clarinet teacher encouraged me to start the saxophone in year 8 from this I went onto the flute.

"Is there an instrument you would like to play?"
I would like to take up the Violin again and maybe the guitar.

"Where you nervous during your first concert?"
I can remember being excited all day, but then walking out onto stage I can remember thinking ‘oh no’, but I did thoroughly enjoy it!

"What is your favourite part of your job?"
I love it when I give the certificates back and they see how well they did (but that part can also be the worst part sometimes). I also like to turn up for a lesson when someone is excited to show me what they have been doing that week! Also, when I am still teaching someone at 16 when they started at 10 and to see how far they have progressed




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